Please Note Before Starting:

All offers featured on the APOD website are current and valid till 2014.
To download our 2014 membership guide, click here.
To have full Membership rights you will see at top right in blue when you log in 'Hello (your name), Manage Account, Browse, Logout'.
Note: If you do not see all these words alongside your name as detailed here, your membership application has not been fully processed. You will need to check your emails after submitting your application to check that you have responded to the validation email called 'Welcome to APOD', as this is a requirement of your application. Or contact us at to see what has happened to your application.

Browsing and Accessing Offers

1. Log in to your APOD account using your username (which is your email address you provided at the time you applied for membership) and your chosen password.
2. Click the Browse button next to your name, at top right of the page. You will immediately be directed to the Latest Offers page. You can search for discounts either by category, location or shopping centre by using the arrows and filter options at the top of the Browse page.
3. Click on the discount offer to see the details on how to redeem the offer.
4. Save to My Dashboard, which automatically saves them as virtual ID cards or quick links for easy access. If you go to Manage at top right, near your name, it will take you to your Dashboard. Click My Favourites and you will see all your selected offers saved as cards. To use the cards via your phone or tablet device, simply log into the website via your phone internet browser (preferably Safari), select My Favourites, then click My Virtual Cards. It will ask you to turn your phone to landscape and cards will show through when you swipe.
5. If you do not own a hand held device or mobile smart phone simply Print Voucher to redeem the offer.
6. If the offer is online, follow the instructions and click Redeem via Partner Website to go directly to their site.
7. Redeem the offer and tell us what you think!

Smart Phone Owners

How to Access Your Virtual Card on Your Phone

For those with smart phones, you can store more than one favourite offer to your phone. Some retailers may ask for additional ID to ensure you are a bonafide member of APOD. Any offers that have expired will automatically be removed from our website and your favourites. 

A Membership Card on a Phone

Start by going to our website via a computer or laptop is easiest.
Find an in store offer you like that says 'To redeem this offer present your APOD Virtual ID card or printed voucher'.
Next: where the offer page asks you how would you like to redeem this offer, choose save offer to my dashboard. Save all the ones you like or might use to your dashboard. They will automatically come off if they expire so you never have to worry.
Next: click view all my saved offers. You will see all offers are saved as cards. 
Next: on your smart phone, open a new browser and go to the APOD website at Type in your username and password to login. 
Next: click manage account to go to your Dashboard. 
Next: click favourites and then click my virtual cards and follow the instructions to turn phone on its side. From there you should be able to swipe through all your cards. As you keep adding to them from your computer, when you go back to your phone and do the same thing, you will see it has added them to your phone. 
Once you get the hang of it, we hope you find it very handy!

In 2014 we will be offering you a plastic version of this card for those of you who prefer to use that option to redeem offers. 

Managing Your Membership Options

APOD would like to introduce you to your very own customizable Membership Dashboard – the best way to save, share and update your discount offers. 

From this Dashboard you can explore, save for later, share and update your details any time…and please don’t forget to review the offer for other members to see and don’t hold back from providing us with constructive feedback.              

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