APOD Discount Partner Terms and Conditions


This document forms part of the agreement between Australian Partners of Defence (APOD) and (YOU) the “DISCOUNT PARTNER” who provide a discount or promotional offer to the APOD membership base.

The DISCOUNT PARTNER is best described as the business that extends a special offer or discount to the APOD community being current and former serving Defence members and their immediate families as described in the membership sign up page available at www.APOD.com.au

The special offer you decide to promote will be featured on its own page on the APOD website. There is no fee charged to promote your product or service through the APOD program on the basis you are willing to offer a reasonable discount that our members would value and would not easily obtain elsewhere. You may promote your offer in one or more of the categories, as selected by (YOU) the DISCOUNT PARTNER at the time of setting up your account at www.APOD.com.au, based on the following conditions:

a) This agreement is acknowledged and agreed upon by (YOU) the DISCOUNT PARTNER

b) The offer being proposed has been approved by APOD

c) (YOU) the DISCOUNT PARTNER accept full responsibility for the management of your promotional page as in content, detail, form of redemption, offer and TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

As a DISCOUNT PARTNER you agree to honour the special offer at all points of sale and deal directly with the APOD member in finalisation of the purchase. APOD accepts no responsibility for the actual sale process at point of sale or the information detail included on the Partner's promotional page.

Important to note: The APOD promotional page is the responsibility of the Discount Partner (brand / retailer or service provider) to keep up to date with all relevant information.


As a DISCOUNT PARTNER you agree to the following Terms and Conditions before going live.


Not to use any reference to APOD as mimicking or representing any direct link or association to the Australian Defence Force and or the Commonwealth Government of Australia as Australian Partners of Defence (APOD) is a privately owned and run organisation with no direct ties to the Australian Government.

Should the Discount Partner be found using reference to Defence other than in the context of the APOD Defence community, APOD reserves the right to cancel the agreement immediately and inform all members of this indiscretion publicly and to the Commonwealth Government and ADF via all media and social media channels.

The Offer

  1. To provide a reasonable discount typically of 10% or more, or a discount which equates to $20 or more off the normally advertised “recommended retail” price that is widely available to the general public.

    That the discount described does specify a ‘percentage’ or ‘dollar value’ discount. Wording such as ‘varying levels of discount’, ‘up to …%’, ‘approximately …%’ or ‘…% to …%’ is not to be included in the offer agreed upon.
  1. To provide a genuine and exclusive offer wherever possible to Australian Partners of Defence (“APOD”) members. The discount offer ideally shall not be a generally available benefit that has been ‘repackaged’ for the purpose of gaining access to the APOD program. The discount offer shall be deemed to be better than what a member could achieve elsewhere.
  1. To provide a discount/ promotional offer valid for a minimum period preferably of 12months from the date the discount goes live on the website www.APOD.com.au in the category/s of choice. Additional pages featuring special monthly offers can be arranged by agreement.
  1. That all special offers or discounts are subject to approval by APOD, who reserves the right to reject any special offer or discount or business if it deems it inappropriate, or when advertising space within each category reaches capacity.
  1. In case you may wish to change your offer during the 12 month period for whatever reason, your continuance of providing “a special offer or discount” is at least as good or better, for the period of 12 months will remain a condition of this agreement.
  1. To word the discount in plain and simple language, including the redemption instructions i.e. QR code, Promotion code, APOD Defence Discount Card verifying membership status and process if any. APOD takes NO responsibility for the failure of the redemption process working. All enquires or complaints will be forwarded to the customer service contact detailed in the offer page.

Redemption of Offer

  1. To provide the goods or services as described in your special offer or discount in perfect working condition and to the best of your ability. If you cannot supply the goods, APOD would expect you to make arrangements to provide an alternative similar offer or place the order on back order as per your arrangement with the APOD member. APOD will not be held responsible in any way for your failure to supply the product that (YOU) as the DISCOUNT PARTNER have offered via www.APOD.com.au.

NOTE: If the goods are no longer available or in stock, APOD would prefer that you change the offer immediately to avoid further disappointment amongst APOD members.

  1. That all discount offers shall give equal treatment to cash and credit card transactions and the offer is accepted and honoured in-store with respect due to this association.
  1. To acknowledge that, where applicable, (YOU) as the DISCOUNT PARTNER are legally licensed to carry out the trade advertised (for example, electricians, plumbers, financial advisors and accountants).
  1. To accept the responsibility to ensure that the offer will be readily available to APOD members for the duration of the campaign and that all existing staff and branches will be made aware of the special offer or discount. Please ensure that all stores offering the discount are made aware of the offer and of the APOD Membership program. Responsibility for this lies with (YOU) as the DISCOUNT PARTNER to inform all staff to ensure that the member's purchasing experience is a satisfying one.

    To apply the APOD branding and stickers visually to your website, store counter/s and/or store window/s to ensure people are aware.

    Any complaints that arise from an offer not being honoured will need to be dealt with by (YOU) the DISCOUNT PARTNER'S customer service contact noted on the Offer Page. Failure to have the query or complaint dealt with to the satisfaction of the member and APOD may result in termination of this arrangement with APOD and no fees paid in advance will be refunded in this event.
  1. To keep APOD and its contractors fully indemnified against any costs (including legal fees), claims, damages and expenses that may be incurred by APOD and/or its contractors as a result of (YOU) as the DISCOUNT PARTNER failing to perform its obligations under this agreement and/or in connection with the supply, or any failure to supply, the offer.
  1. To ensure any links, or promotional codes related to this offer are kept up to date and current. In the event of any change, you must immediately amend your account information at www.APOD.com.au so that APOD members are automatically advised. The page offer detail and its content is the responsibility of (YOU) the DISCOUNT PARTNER at all times.
  1. If your business is having any lengthy server issues, APOD requests that you advise them of the approximate down time expected so that they may alert it’s members.
  1. To indemnify APOD from any costs or value that may be considered loss of sales due to the inability of the member to redeem the special offer or discount or in the case the internet connection is lost, or the website www.APOD.com.au is down for any reason and amount of time.

Changes to Offer / Cancellation

  1. That the offer may be changed, substituted or withdrawn during the course of this agreement, however any change will need to be submitted to APOD and approved as if it was a new discount or offer, similarly to the process used to set up the original offer or discount.
  1. That in the event that your organisation ceases to trade due to insolvency or any other reasons, APOD will be formally notified immediately so that the special offer or discount is withdrawn from its website. After your formal notification, APOD will inform its members that the offer is no longer valid.
  1. In the case you wish to cancel your DISCOUNT PARTNERSHIP with APOD you will need to provide a minimum of 14 days notice.
  1. To immediately remove all APOD logos from display when (YOU) as a DISCOUNT PARTNER discontinue your association with APOD.
  1. To not directly contact members with counter offers that differ to the APOD offer to entice the member into a Business Partner Loyalty program, unless specifically requested by the member following take up of an APOD offer.

Australian Partners of Defence agrees:

  1. To provide access to the DISCOUNT PARTNER area of the website www.APOD.com.au to set up an account and enter details of your specific offer and or defence discount that you wish to offer to APOD members.
  1. To promote the DISCOUNT PARTNER’S offer through all APOD associated press and social media channels.
  1. To uphold and defend all offers provided as legitimate, worthwhile and “valuable” to the best of their knowledge and understanding via all advertising and media channels utilized by APOD as part of their marketing strategy.
  1. To allow direct contact with the member following the take up of an offer on the proviso the member has provided their contact details and is in full agreement with this arrangement.
  1. To the best of their capability to provide a live website fully capable and operational to promote the Discount offered by (YOU) the DISCOUNT PARTNER for the term of the agreement.
  1. To provide feedback from members which may be of interest and or value to (YOU) the DISCOUNT PARTNER.
  1. To provide access via an account with APOD to view account status and make changes/updates as required.

Please Note: APOD reserves the right to retain the services of a mystery shopper. This means shops would be chosen at random and all findings will be reported back to APOD, to ensure APOD’s member discounts are being honoured / rules and regulations upheld. Businesses found in breach of their contract with APOD will immediately have their status revoked as an APOD DISCOUNT PARTNER, and will mean the removal of all advertising material and the forfeit of any remuneration paid as part of this agreement. The Mystery Shopper process is intended to operate with the good intention of assuring our members that all offers made on our site are bona fide and should be taken up with confidence.

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